Top Interesting Facts of Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan

Levi Ackerman Facts

There are a lot of characters in “Attack on Titan” who have huge fans based on popularity. Levi Ackerman is one of them, but you must know, he is the most famous, even not the main character. Levi height is 5’3” and the only males count shorter than him is Connie. Fans can celebrate his birthday on 25th December.

Due to his strongest personality in the series, he is most popular among anime fans. He shows incredible skills when it comes to defeating the titans (giants who are man-eating humanoids). An intelligent mind with enough strategic intelligence makes him a powerful opponent.

Random But Some Interesting Levi Ackerman Facts:

  1. His favorite subject was Math, and his most hated subject was English.
  2. You will be surprised that he thinks marriage sucks.
  3. He loves to smell the summer breeze.
  4. You must know that his name was inspired by a person from the Jesus Camp documentary.
  5. As humans want to suicide in life, Levi also once thought.
  6. Like other anime characters (they eat a lot), he loves to eat rice and cook.
  7. Levi’s favorite Ice-cream flavor is vanilla and lemon.
  8. Due to his past life, he physically assaulted Historia when she refused to take the crown.
  9. His favorite drink is tea, so he wants to open a tea shop.

Top Captain Levi Ackerman Anime Facts:

Anime Levi gets most of the time in epic battle sequences or flashbacks to childhoods. Instead of all these, there is still plenty of things you also must know about him.

1. Disrespected when He Joins Military First Time:

When he joined the Survey Corps for the first time, other soldiers disrespected him because he lived in the underground. You are upset about your hero, but as you think, he proved himself strongest than all these soldiers. They treated him well because all they knew was that he is the strongest fighter.

As the years gone, there were two types of humans, ones who saw him as their hero and other ones frightened by him. So you can assume that he is also referred to as Captain Levi, who led the Special Operations Squad.

2. Humanity’s Strongest Soldier:

It is not only his name; he is the real powerhouse who protects humanity. He protected humans since his family experienced titan cruelty. Having his physical and mental abilities, Levi Ackerman takes measures to win against the titan. He proves himself a true human soldier with his unmatched combat skills.

People love him due to his kind-hearted personality, which uses full life for the greater human cause. He strongly believes that his morality will be the nicest thing among them when he is gone.

3. Love Interest:

As you know that Attack on Titan is an action series, so it doesn’t focus on romance. Considering young Levi Ackerman as the most desirable man, seeing this love angle on a human side, not just the female side. See his interest in one person, Erwin Smith, at once he planned to attack him. Erwin changed him by acknowledging his abilities and giving him choices, either to leave underground and join Erwin’s squad, and the second option is to be ready to be sentenced.

Waiting, let’s discuss the heart version; one of his potential interests is Hange Zoe. It is quite interesting because their connection was based on respect, fun, and admiration. Levi feels relaxed with Hange, it is not evident, but the fans think as a love interest.

The second love angle is Petra, whose father decided to marry her to him, but it’s not clear whether Levi felt anything towards her or not. So, knowing about his personality, you know that he does not trust others easily.

4. He Even Shows Regret After Killing the Enemies:

Despite his strict nature, Levi has a soft heart, and he gives a lot of importance and value to innocent human beings. Titans were the main enemies of the series, and Levi killed them without any second thought. But after knowing about titans that they once used to be humans, they hurt him badly and remain disturbed.

5. Physically Assaulted Historia:

You think Levi Ackerman’s Anime is abusive, but he is not. When necessary, he becomes violent, like once he physically assaulted Historia because she refused to become the queen of her kingdom. After refusing, the furious Levi grabbed her and lifted her off the ground; she was nearly choked. She was breathing with difficulty, so Levi then let go of her.

6. Levi Was Once a Thief:

The fans will be surprised that Captain Levi was once a thief who later became a soldier. His uncle Kenny the Ripper raised him and left his marks on Levi. Like his uncle, he committed many crimes with Isabel and Furlan. Scouts caught him and forced him to compensate for his past by becoming a soldier and serving society.

Unlikely, only Levi survived fighting against the titans, his priorities changed, and he turned his talents to save humanity. Soon he becomes a hero who loves all humans, and they also love him.

7. He Hates his Loyal Master Commander Erwin:

As you know, Levi and Erwin’s relationship was on loyalty, but before that, he hated Erwin. He wanted to kill him when an opportunity arose. Shocking, mine too, it was all when Erwin caught Levi and his friends. As time goes on, Erwin becomes his most respected comrade.

8. Levi Wounded to his Greatest Enemy Zeke Yaeger:

In Titans, Levi Ackerman considers Zeke as his biggest enemy. The reason is that Zeke had a target on his back for a long time. When both came face to face in the battle of Shiganshina, Levi hit him in the eyes and blinded him without getting any hurt.

Zeke wants revenge, so he orders the titans to kill Levi. But he not only survived but also managed to find Eren’s location (who was turned into titans).

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