13 Types of Anime Girlfriends, Popularity, Personality & Love Interests

Anime Girlfriend Types

Many anime girls in Japanese animations like waifu, dere types, and other female personalities are so popular in the anime world. You also heard famous anime girlfriend names like The Tsundere and The Yandere; both are the most attractive and loveable Japanese anime girls.

What you don’t know is that there are many anime girlfriend types, based on love, hate, characters, and personalities. These girlfriend anime archetypes appear in almost every anime. Every day is the perfect day for anime fans when they look back to the anime girl friend, who captures their hearts with love interests, cuteness, and attractive personalities.

Anime Girlfriend Types:

Here is the list of 13 types of anime girlfriends characters you may like.

1. Tsundere

Tsundere Girls

The Anime girl Tsundere is one of the most popular anime girlfriends found in anime and manga series. The Tsundere is a Japanese term derived from “tsun tsun,” which indicates to beat off anger. These anime females act harshly and ruthlessly to their crushes whenever they feel nervous. But on the other side of the personality, they are the sweet ones and caring from the inside.

Whenever their love gives appreciation or compliments, anime Tsundere girls become shy and feel embarrassed. This embarrassment is just for the outside but feeling happy from inside. You can say, Tsundere’s qualities are caring, cold, shy, nervous, or unable to show their love feeling in front of their crush.

2. Yandere

Yandere Girls

Yandere is also the most common and famous type of Japanese animated series. Yandere anime is opposite of the Tsundere female. Despite happiness, Yandere in anime are violent, obsessed, and ruthless characters regarding giving back feelings to their loved ones.

In Japanese anime, the word “Yan” refers to “yandere,” which means emotionally or mentally ill. It just goes deeper. Yandere manga girls are sweet and kind outside, but from the inside, they explode a dangerous obsession for their love interest within their hearts.

Yandere anime characters are the masters of duplicity. They play with their loved ones until their aim doesn’t complete, and once the fa├žade drops, their love angle takes over. These Yan girls are mostly known for their kidnapping, murder, and even killing of their love interests to prevent getting close.

3. Dandere

Dandere Girls

Dandere is one of the anime girlfriend types; they are the rare girls who are challenging to find in real life. The word “Dan” comes from the “danmari” (a Japanese word), which means silence, so according to the name Dandere female has a quiet and often anti-social quality.

Whenever she wants to be sociable but is scared to talk because anime dandere tend to fear that it will get her in trouble if anything happens. But once Dandere females go to love attraction, they tend to become cute and happy, especially for those they love.

4. Kuudere

Kuudere Girls

Kuudere is one of the coolest characters in the anime world. The “Kuu” represents the Japanese pronunciation of the English word “cool.” So Kuudere female is the anime girl who is calm and has her feelings under control.

The anime Kuudere female is always ready for any situation and never panic either goes into a crisis. Manga Kuudere girls stay calm and never turn overly happy, excited or surprised or sad, annoyed or angry. They remain strict and tend to fear showing their weakness, such as liking someone or relying on anyone.

5. Deredere

Deredere Girls

Deredere is the most impressive and super happy personality in the anime world. These anime characters are charming and energetic. The female Derederes spent most of the time in a happy mood and want to spread happiness to the people around them.

No matter what happens, Dere anime girls revert quickly to their cheerful stuff. Deredere anime girl also can be in love with someone and are unafraid to show their love, care, and affection to the love.

6. Himedere

Himedere Girls

Himedere is one of the beautiful characters and the best anime girlfriend types in the series. Anime Himedere acts like a princess, and she thinks in her imagination like a royal, but in reality, Hime Dere is not. She wishes for the person she loves to treat like a queen or princess. You can say that the Himedere character has a royal complex.

I guess that she feels extremely insecure, so she acts and shows off her being royal to seem confident. Himedere in anime wants every work to be done by others; she only gives orders. Due to her insecure behavior, specific neglect, and mistreatment, betrayal happens. In life of every moment, Hime anime wants complete perfection and success, not only for herself but also for everyone.

7. Moekko

Moe Girls

Moekko is a term used in Japanese anime, and Moekko girlfriend is one type that wants to protect people from anything. The term moe is used for these girls. In Japanese anime or manga, the term describes something precious (not every time). She looks like weak ones, has a soft voice and eyes like that always want to cry. Moe girls have childish behavior, so people want to shield them from all dangers of the world. You can recognize them as a pet, what you did for them, they become happy. Either you feed them, give gifts, or complement them, they always look satisfied.

8. Kamidere

Kamidere Girls

Female anime kamidere is one of the beautiful characters. These females have a god complex and just think for themselves, so you can call them self-obsessed. Always thinks inferior about others, but always demands to be treated perfectly. Kamidere is a combination of kami, which means “god,” and dere, which means “lovey-dovey.” Kamidere girls are beautiful, and it also seems that whoever sees them for the first time, will become a lover. She also expects her beloved that he treated her like the perfect being. Due to their nature, they want special attention and priority.

9. Meganekko

Meganekko Girls

Meganekko comes from the word “Megane,” which means “glasses” in Japanese. In real life, you also like those who have spectacles, not you. These girls are the bespectacled beauties that destroy everyone’s heart in seconds. So people always see beauty in spectacles. The anime girl with glasses has an exciting personality; they feel awkward and geeky in some situations.

Megane girlfriends are popular among their males. If a male friend confesses his love, these girls don’t know what to say and how to react. It looks quite interesting and cute for these females. But glasses girls spend most of the time cleaning their swords.

10. Idol Singer

Idol Singer Anime

Idol singer is one of the prettiest anime girlfriend types. She is the favorite of every guy and popular in school, and every guy wants to dream of being together with their favorite female singers. Her personality makes her more attractive, and she is charming, cute, pretty, lovable, confident, high spirit, talented, and what others you can think.

Thinking of your dream girl, she is an Idol Singer in anime series. Confessions for her like every day or even hourly, and nobody can command her. It becomes their habit due to popularity, and even their boyfriends serve them. Idol Singer anime always prioritizes her career, and other things fall in the number two position. So when you become their boyfriends, you will automatically become popular, but you might sacrifice your privacy.

11. Catgirl


Catgirl is one of the most popular characters in recent anime history. She is a kemonomimi character having feline traits. People who love cats also love these girls. Most of the time, you may find them playful whenever they find a lovey-dovey person who takes care of them. Due to cat tendencies, they behave like cat-like licking themselves. One of the best examples is Neko, who is from the K project.

Anime cat girlfriend is super adorable and very easy to please, but the reason is to save from villains. They are not weak in reality but require a lot of care. While in love, they bring a lot of joy that will definitely make you love.

12. Maid

Maid Girls

Anime series also consist of real-world realities, like maid anime girls. These girls are employed to help with anything their master requires, ordered, and dominated by. Guys take an interest in these types of females. In the series, they wear French maid clothes and have talent while serving anything or doing other work. If you want to hurt their master, they keep you away from doing anything wrong. From these qualities, you must know that they are strong and have the ability to brutal violence. Maid girlfriends are very popular in most anime movies.

13. Otaku

Otaku Girls

The Otaku word in Japanese describes those people who have a particular interest in anime and manga. Like another anime girlfriend, Otaku is also a popular female friend for anime guys. You guys can say love is hard for Otaku girls, but they are beautiful, cute, and have a soft heart. If the Otaku boy and Otaku girl are in a relationship, it’s the perfect combination of love. Just think about the perfect couple doing everything together.


These are the best anime girlfriend types, we have above explained. According to your personality and explanation are given, hope you can now choose which type is yours, either you like the violent, obsessed girls or having a good heart like deredere, or himedere. You can also choose on the basis of popularity and physical traits, the choice is now yours. Want to know about the popular anime female characters, check our article.

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